Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’re new to locum tenens, you may have questions about your responsibilities and working with an agency. To learn more, we encourage you to talk with other locum tenens and reach out to our recruiters for guidance. Some common questions (and answers) are found below.

What are locum tenens? +

From a latin phrase meaning “to substitute or hold the place of,” locum tenens is the industry term used to describe healthcare providers who take temporary positions at healthcare facilities. Hospitals, clinics and medical groups typically use locum tenens providers to fill vacation or maternity leaves, open positions, or part-time positions.

How long are the assignments? +

Assignment lengths vary. Some can be just a few days, some can be weeks, months or even a year. Some assignments are temp-to-perm. The more flexible your schedule, the more opportunity you have for placement.

Why should I consider locum tenens work? +

Healthcare providers report several reasons for choosing locum tenens assignments. Some do it to have greater autonomy, to earn more money or to cut back on their hours. Some like to travel and prefer to take varied assignments in different states. For some providers, locum tenens can be a way to try out a job or healthcare facility before making a full-time commitment.

How does licensure work for locum tenens providers? +

You will need a license to practice in any state that you ultimately work. Locums Choice will help you in obtaining licensure for different states and any other credentialing required to work in other states.

Who pays me? +

You are paid as an independent contractor by the locum tenens agency that places you. Your expenses, such as housing and travel are fully covered, as is your malpractice insurance.

What protections do I have as a locum tenens provider? +

At Locums Choice, all of our providers are covered by A++ occurrence malpractice insurance. This is forever coverage.

How often am I paid? +

Through Locums Choice, you will be paid bi-weekly with an option for direct deposit.

Who makes my travel and housing arrangements? +

Locums Choice will handle all of the logistics for your travel and housing. If you have special requirements, make sure and let us know and we’ll note your needs in your profile.

Why do I need to fill out an application? +

Your application with Locums Choice is important. First, it lets us know you are interested in assignments, so our team can begin actively looking for placements that meet your interests and needs. Second, your application allows us to advance credential you, so that you can immediately be considered for work by our client healthcare institutions. Most facilities will not consider locum tenens providers who have not gone through this initial screening step. A completed application is also a prerequisite for our malpractice coverage.



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